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Freedom Way Bail Bonds provides fast, friendly, reliable, and confidential bail bondsman service in Kenansville NC in Duplin County NC. The bail bond process in Kenansville, NC in Duplin County can be difficult to understand and frustrating to navigate the release of loved ones without experienced help. Our Bail Bondsman in Kenansville NC is on call 24 hours a day to assist you in any way to help secure bail in a timely manner. Financing and payment plans are available with 5 % down.

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We realize that any time that you are kept away from family, friends, and loved ones is time lost that you will never get back.  Our goal is to set you free and allow you to get back to your life and loved ones.  We promise to provide confidential and professional bail bonding service to you in a timely manner! Freedom Way Bail Bonds is “The Fastest Way to Freedom” in Kenansville NC!

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About Kenansville NC (Duplin County NC)

Kenansville is a small town located in Duplin County, North Carolina. The town is home to a population of just over 1,000 residents and is the county seat of Duplin County. Kenansville is known for its agriculture and livestock industry, as well as being the home of the North Carolina Zoo. Visitors to Kenansville can enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, and bird watching.

Kenansville is located in the southern part of Duplin County, North Carolina. The town is situated near the intersection of Interstate 40 and US Highway 301. Kenansville is approximately 36 miles east of Wilmington, North Carolina, and 35 miles west of Jacksonville, North Carolina.
The town of Kenansville was first settled in the early 1700s and was originally known as Newburn. The town was named after James Kenan, who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and as governor of North Carolina. Kenansville was officially incorporated in 1855.
The economy of Kenansville is largely based on agriculture and livestock. The town is home to a number of farming operations, as well as the North Carolina Zoo. The zoo is one of the largest tourist attractions in Duplin County, drawing visitors from all over the state.
Kenansville is served by the Duplin County School District. The town has one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school.
Kenansville is governed by a mayor and a four-member board of commissioners. The town is home to a police department, fire department, and public library.
Notable people from Kenansville include former Major League Baseball player Dickie Noles and country music singer Donna Fargo.